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Anti-isotype Antibody Production

Date: 2018-08-27 Author: Leading Biology Click: 785


The immune process of animals is done by the participation of a variety of organs and cells, so, even for the same antigen immunization, there is a great difference between the antibody produced by the same antigen in the same immune cycle. Taking people and mice as an example, there are five subtypes of antibodies in the body, they are: IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE and IgD, of which IgG is divided into four subtypes according to the location of the disulfide bond, which also called homotypes. In some immunological tests, in order to observe the stage of the immune response of the tested animal, it is often needed to use the subtype of the main antibody produced by the animal as a clue. Capture or mark a specific subtype of antibody,  at the same time have no specific identification of antibodies against specific antigens, this is the so-called anti specific subtype antibody, it is the basic material for the identification of antibody subtypes.

Service Package

Service Items

Time (months)

Start point

Purified single isotype antibodies

Mixed antibodies (serum)

Prokaryotic proteins synthesis de novo

Eukaryotic proteins synthesis de novo

Antigens preparation

cDNA synthesis






Need further inquiry

Vector construction





Isolating single isotype antibodies and purification








Protein expression & purification





Enzyme treatment and recovering






Immune 5 mice or 2 rabbits


ELISA titer test

Cell Fusion & Screening






Same isotype Immunoglobulin protein  positive screening (subcloning)





Ascites production

(Inject 2 mice)






Different isotype Immunoglobulin protein negative screeni


Ascites production

(Inject 5 mice)






Purification and detection


Total lead time(months)









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Why Leading Biology

With over 5 years of experience in custom antibodies, we offer numerous benefits for developing your custom antibody:

• Our industry leading titer guarantees of 1:50,000 eliminate the risk of not obtaining antibodies against peptide antigens.

• Our economies of scale allow us to pass cost savings to you and help maximize your budget.

• 100% of services are transparent throughout.

• Antibodies from our facility have been cited in many published research papers.

• By outsourcing antibody production and characterization needs to us, you can spend more time focused on your research.

• Our ideal location in California ensures that animals benefit from outdoor facilities and mild year-round temperatures.

• Confidentiality is a top priority for all projects. Antibodies that we manufacture belong to you and will not be commercialized.

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