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Leading Biology strives to manufacture high quality products and provide industry leading customer service through continuous exploration for improvement in every aspect of our business.
We owe our success to 6 key factors that distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We are an energetic but dedicated team, so we are always good at what we do and we are always able to adapt with the times.

1. Platforming: We continue to build and update our platform on a daily basis. We do so not by mass information collection but through being selective to best match our clients’ needs. We believe that personalized information presentation plays a big part in our successes.

2. Search Methods: We try to make our search methods in various dimensions. We want the best products and services available because plenty of scientists might not have the resources to put them all together. We right-size expectations between the customers and the suppliers meet the agreed upon requisites.

3. Process Management: Each of our clients has different research needs. We are as involved in the process as you want us to be but our goal is to make sure that when the best product or service is identified for a research need, we work together to land it for your usage. We have been around long enough that we are pretty confident in dealing with any possible curveball. We’ve literally been there and done that.

4. Product/Service Presentation: Throughout the sourcing process, we develop a very special relationship with our clients. We work hard to understand what they needs are and how they hope to accomplish their plan. We deeply believe, and our internal data supports this, that we have a much better platform of helping a customer finding their best choice when we are the ones that present the choice to the client. 

5. Prompt response: We offer 7*24 services and promise to response our customers within 24 hours. We hope to complement your time-sensitive need by being a helping hand during this moment that may change the biological industry. We believe the support we offer in this stage of the sourcing process is what our customers remember the most about our services.

6. Repeat Business: We are at a stage in our business cycle where 85% of the customers we serve are with repeat clients. Over 50% of the clients are referrals from the customers with whom we worked and work. Our close connections with customers, allow us to grow our business in a purely organic way.

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