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Team Profiles

Stephan King: CEO, Phd degree in Molecular EcologyFounder of Leading Biology

Jessica BianMarketing Manager

Jions HerbHead of R&DDecades of expertise in Antibody R&D, Group leader in the world’s first H7N9 mAb research project

Company History Overview

Headed by Mr. Stephan King, the rigorous management, innovative technology and team spirit has enabled us to be one of the most reliable suppliers in the biotechnological field. Our company is organized in such a way that there are clear roles for each team player with broad space for individual development. The departments of the company include marketing development, R&D support, customer service, etc.

Our R&D team consisting of the PhD level scientist and biological engineers with decades of experience in life science is aimed to offer technical solutions to enhance your accuracy and successful results in research, and support you for any questions you may have with the using of our products.

Our customer service team is dedicated to the optimization for order-placing efficiency and after-sale satisfaction. Customer service is available on weekdays to support inquires, orders placement, technical questions or feedbacks. You may contact us by email, live chat, or telephone. Our team members trained with the skills required to resolve your issue quickly will respond to your needs as soon as possible (within 12 hours).

Our marketing team targets to know you better by coordinating you and our service. The team actively participates in National and International conferences or summits in the field and meeting with our customers regularly in order to constantly keep you updated for new products, industrial dynamics, and our latest promotion. Experienced salesmen will develop and manage the premium distributors so as to explore the possibilities for better service.

With the office in California, and the extension of distributor network, we are committed to providing high quality products with superior performances and satisfying service to the global scientists and researchers.

Research Areas

We have established the 3000 square meters’ lab with resources and innovative technologies to develop biological products and manufacture in efficient and cost-saving process, which helps maximize the using of your budget. Our scientists and the R&D center is a perfect combination of modern product development and commercialization timelines, always accelerating your productivity. Our own R&D center consisting of Molecular Biological System, Antibody Engineering Laboratory and the Animal Center, supports the bio-products manufacture in a wide range of disciplines in life science, including the GMP platforms for large-scale antibodies production, protein expression, phage display, etc. With experienced biologists, we continuously optimize the process and the quality assurance in manufacture, dedicated to explore and design products on a higher level. The specialty in antibody engineering and synthetic biology make it possible to develop effective, convenient and simplified products with excellent performance in research.

In national and international collaborations, our team of biologists has applied their experience and research results to the development of biological products to meet our customers’ different needs. 

We offer more than 30,000 self-developed antibodies & proteins, hundreds of ELISA kits, and proteins. 

Our research focuses on 4 key areas:

Antibody Discovery

The antibody generation allows many host species like mouse, rat, rabbit, goat, sheep and chicken. Located in California, all of the animals have access to outdoor facilities and are kept in the best health in order to ensure each antibody is manufactured under better conditions. Besides, rigorous quality control testing is undertaken throughout the whole production process, decreasing the risk of obtaining antibodies against peptide antigens.

Protein Expression
We provide One-Stop service for protein expression with various methods like 
Protein Expression in Bacteria
Protein Expression in Mammalian Cells
Protein Expression in Yeast
Protein Expression in E.coli
Recombinant proteins/Native conformation proteins
Small molecule antigens, cytokines

The powerful manufacture capacity of Leading Biology supports the volume ranging from 2L to 200L. Before the start of a large scale production, a small pilot scale protein expression is usually performed to ensure that our production will meet your need.

Phase Display
One of our innovations is the production of single chain antibody fragments (scFv, an antibody selectively binds to MSLN-expressing tumor cells) with regard to MSLN antigen. The process has been genetically engineered to optimize its stability with the application of our 3G Phage Display technology that mainly facilitates phage display, where it is highly convenient to express the antigen-binding domain as a single peptide. After the optimization, scFv could be applied in CAR-T directly with little negative consequence, saving the cost and project time to develop a new scFv with regard to MSLN antigen. Meanwhile, scFv can also be used to construct recombinant antibodies, which not only act as an ADC targeted antibody, but also as the high-affinity materials in pharmaceutical applications such as ADC drugs research and diagnostic reagents development. 

Tumor is a threat for human health and we face increasing therapeutic problems due to a series of complex factors. Undoubtedly, with broad application prospect, scFv can be extended to many fields in life science.

Antibody Engineering

Our experience scientists has develop a standard manufacturing process in generating custom antibodies with industry-leading technologies, which is efficient, high-affinity and cost-effective by simplifying the ordering process and providing suitable methods to isolate epitope for specific antibodies. With expression vectors, the innovative technology, and efficient transfection reagents, we have greatly improved the titer and yield of recombinant antibody production. Whether you need assistance in R&D or customization to manufacture your product, you will be surely satisfied by our service.

The most important goal of LB team is to offer considerate and effective service to our customers and distributors in order to meet their needs by satisfying the orders, scientific and technical support on sales, and continuous effort for self-improvement.