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Custom Antibody Services for Post-translational Modification

Date: 2018-08-27 Author: Leading Biology Click: 499


Eukaryotes have complex post-transcriptional modification processes, such as glycosylation, methylation, phosphorylation, acetylation, and so on, the modification of special location is often related to the function of the protein. In order to detect these modifications, antibodies specific to post transcriptional modifications have become a necessary material for modern protein functional omics and epigenetics.

Combined with years of experience in the preparation of small molecular hapten antibodies and the advantage of peptide synthesis technology, Leading Biology developed a complete technical route for the preparation of post transcriptional modified structural antibodies. We can not only provide the modified groups that can reflect the level of the expression of a modified group in the whole protein group (e.g. The full lysate of a tissue or cell), but also could provide antibodies specific to the protein specific location modification.

Service Package

Service Items



Start point from antigen information

Phosphate specific

Glycosylation specific

Methyl specific

Acetyl specific

Purified protein

Eukaryotic proteins synthesis de novo

Peptide design & synthesis

Peptide design


Free, Optional



Peptide synthesis






Proteins preparation

cDNA synthesis











Need further inquiry

Vector construction










Protein expression & purification











Immune 3-5 mice


ELISA test

Cell Fusion & Screening




Monoclonal (modification point specific negative screening)








Ascites production

(Inject 5 mice)


Purification and detection

Affinity purification






Antigen specific affinity purification







Total lead time(months)






1. For site post-transcriptional methylation, acetylation, and partial glycosylated modification specific antibodies, if customers require high specificity, then the antibody must be a monoclonal antibody, so far the polyclonal process only used for the detection of whole protein modification;

2. The difficulties of post-translational modification specific antibody preparation are as follows: Methylation site specific antibody is the hardest, followed by acetylation specific antibody, phosphorylation specific antibody technique is relatively mature, and glycosylation specific antibody is different regarding the length of the sugar chain;

3. Because the modification site is only a hapten, the immunogenicity is relatively weak, there is a certain risk of the experiment. Before the project start, we will charge the 60% of total price, if the project failed, the money won’t return to customers.

Classic case 

(Phosphate specific antibody service)

Customer Provide

Protein information


1. Specific modified polypeptides design and synthesis.

2. Feeding and immunization of 2 rabbits/antigen (3 immunizations, 3 weeks)

3. Blood collection, ELISA test ( parallel with immunization)

4. Purification and delivery


(each antigen, 2 rabbits)

1. 3-5mL negative serum.

2. 15-20mL positive serum, ELISA titer was above 1:60,000

3. Complete lab report, remaining antigens

Preparation time

About 21 days

Successful case

Publication: EMBO Rep        


Title: ULK1 translocates to mitochondria and phosphorylates FUNDC1 to regulate mitophagy.

Name: Anti-p-ser17 fundc1 antibody

Species: mouse

Type: Rabbit polyclonal antibody

F1. The mitophagy receptor FUNDC 1 is a novel substrate of ULK 1 and FUNDC 1 (N 118 A) that prevents its binding to ULK 1, impairs ULK 1 translocation to mitochondria, and inhibits mitophagy. Transfection with HA-ULK1 markedly promoted the phosphorylation of FUNDC1 at Ser-17, while transfection with the kinase-inactivated HA-ULK1 (K46N) showed much weaker phosphorylation since the mutant ULK1 (K46N) still has minor kinase activity.

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Why Leading Biology

With over 5 years of experience in custom antibodies, we offer numerous benefits for developing your custom antibody:

• Our industry leading titer guarantees of 1:50,000 eliminate the risk of not obtaining antibodies against peptide antigens.

• Our economies of scale allow us to pass cost savings to you and help maximize your budget.

• 100% of services are transparent throughout.

• Antibodies from our facility have been cited in many published research papers.

• By outsourcing antibody production and characterization needs to us, you can spend more time focused on your research.

• Our ideal location in California ensures that animals benefit from outdoor facilities and mild year-round temperatures.

• Confidentiality is a top priority for all projects. Antibodies that we manufacture belong to you and will not be commercialized.

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