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  • Vector NTI Suite 8.0
    Sequence synthesis analysis software - Most of the analysis in software can be done in three steps: Selection (Data) -> Analysis -> Results (Display, save, and store) in the database.
  • RNA Structure 3.5
    RNA secondary structure software - Based on the principle of minimum free energy, implement Zuker's algorithm of predicting RNA secondary sturcture based on RNA primary sequence in the software.
  • Array Designer 2.0
    Gene chip primer design - DNA microarray software. Design DNA and oligonucleotides primers in bulk.
  • ArrayVision 7.0
    Gene chip synthesis analysis software - A kind of powerful business gene chip analysis software. It can analyze the images, process data and convenient for protocol management.
  • ScanAlyze 2
    Gene chip image reading analysis software - Stanford’s gene chip image reading software for semi-automatic definition of grid and pixel analysis. The output is in a separate text format that can be easily converted to any database.
  • Cluster
    Software for performing various cluster analysis and other processing on a large number of micromatrix data sets. It was compiled by Stanford University.
  • TreeView 1.5
    Gene chip clustering graphical display - Developed by Stanford to display graphical results analyzed in Cluster software. It has become the standard software for gene chip processing together with Cluster.
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