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Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery

Date: 2019-10-31 Author: Leading Biology Click: 1820

Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery Using Hybridoma

Leading Biology has extensive experience in hybridoma technology. Our mature hybridoma platform offers both mouse and rat animal models to raise anti-GPCR antibodies. Vigorous immune response and high cell fusion efficacy can be guaranteed, followed by comprehensive screening of large candidate pools. Our team is specialized in various high throughput screening strategies against recombinant proteins, reconstituted formats, living cells, etc. Of note, we have established a novel transgenic mouse strain that can produce fully human anti-GPCR antibodies, which can greatly facilitate therapeutic/diagnostic antibody discovery.

Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery by Phage Display Technology

Leading Biology offers one-step phage display library construction and screening service.

Equipped with this world-leading phage display platform, we have rich experience in conducting versatile bio-panning strategies, including in-solution panning, solid-phase panning, cell-based panning, in vivo panning, etc.

Fig 2 Screening technologies for the isolation of anti-GPCR antibodies. (a) Immunization of laboratory animals with various types of GPCR antigens. (b) High-throughput antibody display technologies. (Jo M and Jung ST, 2016)

Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery through Premade Antibody Libraries

Leading Biology carries multiple well-tailored premade antibody libraries of various formats (scFv/Fab/VHH) to fulfill your needs. These libraries have great capacity and diversity that are able to derive excellent antibody binders with affinity ranging from 10 nM to 10 pM.

Based on antigen-specific B cell sorting technology, this unique antibody discovery platform aims at developing native monoclonal antibodies with naturally paired heavy chain and light chain. Aided by this technology, we are capable of enriching a large pool of native anti-GPCR IgGs from immunized hosts with a short period of time.

Plenty of host species are available such as human, rat, mouse, rabbit, chicken, etc.

Through these methods, Leading Biology has confidence is confident in offering the most professional support to our clients regarding anti-GPCR antibody development.

In addition, our scientists are also offering comprehensive GPCR immunogen preparation services in multiple forms such as liposomes, polymers, designed peptide, cell lines, etc. With rich experiences for hundreds of successful cases, our skilled technical teams are capable of all kinds of troubleshooting throughout the process. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Why Leading Biology?

With over 5 years of experience in custom antibodies, we offer numerous benefits for developing your custom antibody:

• Our industry leading titer guarantees of 1:50,000 eliminate the risk of not obtaining antibodies against peptide antigens.

• Our economies of scale allow us to pass cost savings to you and help maximize your budget.
• 100% of services are transparent throughout.
• Antibodies from our facility have been cited in many published research papers.
• By outsourcing antibody production and characterization needs to us, you can spend more time focused on your research.

• Our ideal location in California ensures that animals benefit from outdoor facilities and mild year-round temperatures.

• Confidentiality is a top priority for all projects. Antibodies that we manufacture belong to you and will not be commercialized.

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1.    Jo M and Jung S T.(2016). Engineering therapeutic antibodies targeting G-protein-coupled receptors. Experimental & Molecular Medicine, 48, e207.

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