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MD020 5 ug / $199



Leading Biology

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The map of pCANTAB 5 E, presented below, shows the control regions and genealogy of the vector. The section above the vector map (VH-Linker-VL ) depicts the orientation of a hypothetical ScFv fragment cloned into pCANTAB 5 E. Detailed sequence analysis of the vector follows. The sequence of pCANTAB 5 E was assembled from the sequences of its constituents. The restriction analysis was compiled using DNASIS ™ software. The enzymes chosen for the analysis are those which we believe to have been commercially available in June, 1992. pCANTAB 5 E has not been tested with all of these enzymes, and therefore the accuracy of the tables cannot be guaranteed. Please contact us if a discrepancy is identified.




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