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Leading Biology Inc. is an innovative high-tech company which produces bio-products (antibodies, proteins, cells and chemicals) for a wide range of research and medical fields. Over three years, we provide customers with high quality services under the support of our professional technical team with decades of experience in biotechnology field. Our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for customers define who we are and how we work. We are dedicated to providing best quality, most efficient, and professional services to our customers, and aim to become the leading company in life science and research. Our Products: Antibodies: • Primary/Secondary antibodies • Labeled Primary/Secondary antibodies • Elisa kits, matched antibodies • Other testing kits, PCR kits, DNA extraction kits, RT-PCR kits Proteins: • Recombinant proteins/Native conformation proteins • Small molecule antigens, cytokines • Polypeptides Molecules and Cells: • Tumor cells/Subcultured cells/Primary cells • Customized resistant cells  • High quality serum • Common culture medium, molecular cell test reagents • Primer/vector/plasmid Synthesis Chemicals and reagents: • Chemical intermediates • Common reagents for chemical synthesis • Customized intermediate synthesis • Control products/Standard products • Liquid /Gas chromatography experiment adjuvant

Information Center

  • RNA interfering
    RNA interference (RNAi gene interference, siRNA experiments). RNAi is the post-transcriptional  gene silencing phenomenon, which is caused by double-stranded RNA (DsRNA) homologous to the target gene sequence. Small interfering RNA (siRNA) degrades mRNA of the same sequence and blocks the expression of the corresponding gene. Abiocenter provide SiRNA fragments chemically synthesizing and RNA vector (ShRNA) construction services. Only name or gene ID of target genes are needs for the clients. We will help to screen the intervention sites. At least one pair of effective SiRNA and more than ...
  • Autophagy concept and basic process
    Sweden Karolinska Institute announced the winner who won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in the capital Stockholm at 17:30, Beijing Time. Japanese scientist Yoshinori Ohsumi won the 2016 Nobel Price for Physiology or Medicine for the studying on 「autophagy」. What is autophagy? What is the concept and basic process of autophagy? Now let me show you! Finding of autophagy Belgian scientist Christian de Duve observed autophagosome structure through electron microscope, and came up with the statement, 「autophagy」 at the 1963 CIBA Foundation...
  • How to select the primary antibody
    1. Analyze the experimental method of the experimental application Generally, antibody specifications will list the types of assays that the antibody has been tested for, such as: WB, IHC, ICC, ELISA, FCM analysis, etc. If the type of application is not mentioned in the specification, it does not imply that the antibody is not suitable for this type of experiment, it is merely indicating that this anybody has not been verified by the analytical test. In order to avoid the risk of experimentation, when the application method is not mentioned in the manual, you can apply for the test kit ...
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